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We get many, many requests to carry books from both self-published and traditionally published authors. Here’s a run-down of commonly asked info. Please send us an email at if you have additional questions or would like to send us information about your book (the info to send us is noted below here).

I wrote a book, will you carry it?

We support as many authors as we can.  That said, we simply don’t have room to carry every book we’d like.  With so many self-publishing resources available these days we get dozens of emails each week from authors interested in having us carry their books.  Those authors living in the immediate area and Northwest are in the most demand as far as self-published books go and are more likely to be a good fit here.  It also depends on genre.  Some genres simply aren’t in as much demand here as they are elsewhere, we have to take this into consideration.  If we’re able to carry your book we generally start with 1-2 copies, depending on genre, and reorder as they sell.  The book must be professionally bound with the title written on the spine (people won’t see your book if they can’t see the title when it’s on the shelf), and we go with the standard 60/40 split as far as payment goes–you, the author, will get 60% of the retail price if you provide your book directly to us.  At this time we don’t do consignment.  If you choose to leave a copy of your book at the store without talking to the buyer first it will be considered a free review copy.

If you’d like to email us information about your book please include your name and where you live, your email address, the book title, publication date, the ISBN, and a link to a website with information about your book (not Amazon or Barnes & Noble, please).  Send the info to or use the form below.

Do you have any tips for making my book successful in a bookstore?

Having your book published is a a big, exciting step.  To end up with the best product you can, a book to be proud of and one people want to read, we have some very basic tips:

  1. We strongly encourage all authors to have their book professionally edited. A potential reader flipping through your book will likely walk away if there are obvious spelling errors (particularly on the cover).
  2. Think about hiring a professional graphic designer to do your cover and layout–given a choice the public is much more likely to pick up a book that looks good. Formatting errors disrupt the flow of a story (for fiction) or can cause real confusion about events (for nonfiction). As mentioned above, the book title and preferably your name should be printed on the spine.
  3. Buy an ISBN and have a barcode printed on the back cover. It’s difficult to restock your book if we can’t easily track it in our system.
  4. Go with an affordable publishing company so you can price your book reasonably within its genre. Look at other published books in the same genre, trim, and bulk to get an idea of common pricing and price your book accordingly. You don’t necessarily need to print the price on the cover but be consistent; your book should sell for the same price through every outlet and shouldn’t change every time we reorder (if we need to).
  5. Here is a link to a wonderful article called “How to Talk to a Bookseller: A 10-Step Guide for Authors” written by Melissa Lion who was a bookseller and the events coordinator at DIESEL, a bookstore in Oakland, California before leaving to write full time.
  6. Tor published a great article by Lish McBride about what you, as an author, can do to make your events more successful.

Can I have a signing at your store?

If you’ve been in our store you’ll understand we’re pretty well full of books and currently don’t have space to hold in-store signings.  We’re looking at a possible remodel in the future, but at this point we simply don’t have the space.  If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

If you haven’t yet done so, we recommend you get in touch with your local regional writing groups and look into networking with your fellow authors, they can be a wonderful resource and likely have leads on events which may be a good fit for you.  A quick Google search of “Oregon Writers Group” will give you a good starting point.


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